Interior design has always been an enlightening work to look on to as it brings happy faces to both the designer and the client. It is that one forte where even a gloomy face can get brightened and a person is relaxed such a way that he ends up de-stressing himself.

Interior design trends vary according to time, and there are also certain vintage designs which are in use in these days. The interior trade shows get conducted yearly, and they all get packed with beautiful products and interesting trends.

So to those interior design lovers out there, below are a few design trends which can be taken to refurnish your spaces.

Modern Handmade Crafts are In

Hand-crocheted lampshades, Handmade dream catchers, Origami lampshades, etc., and many more crafts are in. Their simplicity is what eye-catching to the people. These crafts provide an interesting example of how traditional craft can meet modern design, resulting in an elegantly-refined hybrid.

High-Rise Stools and Tables

These slim side tables and high-rise stools get crafted from a range of materials like marble, stone, etc. These tops were cut into free-flowing cloud shapes, and each of these tables is unique in height and size, giving them an artistic feel. There is also a mix of metals as there are trends of various metals used like copper, brass, and gold or there is a mix of all three.

Loft Ladders

Loft ladders come as a great addition to create safe and easy access to non-inhabited loft spaces without the requirement for installing costly and space consuming staircases. Fakro Folding Ladders satisfy all the technical and safety requirements while maximizing the ease of use and comfort. So loft ladders can be a great pick to give your home that extra look.

Exposed Light Bulbs

An exposed filament light bulb has been in the market for around several years now; some people might say that the product has reached a saturation point. But the truth is that there is no coffee shop counter or restaurants which do not have them. What makes it new is their different shapes and sizes merged with few metals and decor. A new trend is the elegant metallic pendant ‘hat’ shades which are there to catch everyone’s eyes.

Attractive Foliage

Houseplants are a trend these days and have been increasing at a fast pace in the past a few seasons. Foliage inspired fabrics and wallpapers are to be looked out for. The combination of fabric, wallpaper, and foliage creates a lush woodland feel.

Textured Velvet

Textured velvet is new, and it provides a striking variation on the standard smooth velvet sofas of the previous seasons. This variation brings an extra level of tactility to the fabric. Velvet,  in that sense, will pave the way for the textured one and make a mark to various interiors.

Art Decor

Having art decor in your personal space makes you feel that you have stepped back in time to the Golden Age of Art Deco. There is everything from the velvet club chairs to the glided reading lamps, the checkerboard monochrome flooring all make it a worth art decor. Even though it is back in time, the looks bring it all classy and rich feel.