A worry for a number of folk when thinking about using skip bins are skip bin fires. Skip bin fires are definitely an unwelcome annoyance and if left can lead to the destruction of any nearby property.

Below is some good advice on what to do to prevent it from happening to you:

Just Simply Avoid the Starting of a Bin Fire

  • The burning of waste inside a skip bin is indeed a temptation for some people, due to some skip hire services charging their customers on the amount of waste collected. This drives some people to burn their rubbish in order to fit more in and therefore save on fees.

This may seem like a good idea, but it will have the following side-effects:

  • If any skip bin is placed beside a tarmac road or driveway, the fire’s high temperature can melt the surface area and then you will get a fine regarding road repair.
  • Skip fires may damage the inside of a bin, and because it’s rented, you will then have to pay for the damages or even a new one.
  • Some materials can gas off toxic carbon monoxide gases when burnt, and is not only unhealthy, but hazardous to the nearby environment.
  • Make sure to hire a skip bin that is the perfect size for your job by enquiring at the bin hire company.
  • In Australia, skip bins in Jandakot, offer a specialised, expert and affordable service which is famous for getting every job completed just perfectly.

No Flammable Materials are to be placed in a Skip Bin

No flammable materials should ever be put into a skip bin, as this increases the possibility of a fire. Things like aerosols, canisters, gas cylinders, and any container containing flammable liquid as in paint tins and car batteries, should all be disposed of properly elsewhere.

  • And, please don’t be so daft as to throw any lit ciggy into a bin, as it may ignite any dry materials.

Where to Place Your Bin

If you’re considering placing a skip bin in the street outside your house or business, it’s going to be difficult to control what waste any passers-by throw into it.

To put a stop to any such event occurring, simply have the skip bin placed on your property or premises where no passers-by can get near them.

By doing so, it will not only prevent any fires from starting, but will also stop your bin being filled with rubbish from other people.

Get it Collected as Soon as The Job is done

  • Make sure to get the skip collected when it is full.
  • If a fire does occur, make use of a fire extinguisher or a hose pipe to help put it out.
  • Don’t try moving the skip as it just might topple over and spread fire to your property.

By using good old fashioned common sense, she’ll be right! G‘day!