The idea of getting your own home custom planned by a professional is quite exciting. It is a thrilling prospect for anybody. However, not everybody knows what a house plan consist of, let alone a custom house plan. Is it merely the drawing of the layout of the house? Or is it a three dimensional map that gives you a better view of how the house would look like?

We would say that a custom house plan is more than all of these things put together. For getting custom houses plan Quebec, here is what you should be looking at.

Foundation Plan

This is a description of the intended design of the foundation. It will show you details of the slab, basement, beams, etc. This is more like the skeleton of the house showing you what the structure will look like.

Floor Plan

This plan is a little more comprehensive than the foundation plan in the sense that it gives a description of the actual layout. It will tell you how your rooms are located, where you will have the doors and the windows, etc. This adds a little meat onto the skeleton of the foundation plan.

Roof Plan

As the name suggests, the focus here will be solely on the roof. This will show you the ridges of the roof, the slope, the chimney, etc. It will essentially give you more details of what will constitute your roof and what elements will be present.

Exterior Elevation Plan

This plan will be a two dimensional representation of each side of your house. This will give you details of what material will be used in the walls, what would be the height and thickness of the walls, what will be the elements of the roof etc.

Building Section Plan

This is a sideways view of the house that shows its relationship to the ground and to the roof. It will also show any empty spaces adjacent to the structure.

Electrical Plan

The name itself indicates that it will be depicting. Here you will get an idea of electrical fixtures of the house, the wiring layout, the placement of switches and outlets, etc.

Construction Notes and Details

This is not a plan but a detailed summary of everything that is included in the different plans. These notes can be referred to by the builder whenever needed.