If you want industrial paints to adhere well to surfaces, you need to make sure that the surface is well blasted before you begin. You simply cannot get the finish you want without having the surface prepared first. You can gain a lot of assistance in preparing a surface when you make use of various blasting methods.

Types of Blasting Services

Abrasive blasting in Perth is offered as well as sandblasting, mobile sandblasting, soda blasting, and even dustless blasting. Any of these blasting methods makes it possible for you apply protective coatings to items that are used in industrial operations. Therefore, you can be assured that you will receive the coverage you need when you need it.

Abrasive blasting is used in a variety of industries for cleaning surfaces and for etching purposes. Again, this type of blasting will promote better adhesion of coatings and is utilised by employing high-pressure abrasive tools. Steel grit is also used during the process. Garnet and chilled iron grit blasting is utilised for a customer’s specific requirements. Also, the blast room is designed to handle just about any type of job.

Why Blasting Is Used

When this type of blasting is used, it makes it possible for paint to protect certain surfaces from fire and corrosion. Some of the coatings that are used include zinc, silicone, polyurethanes, and epoxy primers. A full-service operation will feature two paint booths to support a number of jobs. It is good to have an additional booth as well so just the right coating can be added to a surface. This can be done more efficiently and quickly.

Besides painting industrial equipment, abrasive blasting may be used for preparing and painting the services of transport equipment and mining machines. When you have this type of industrial solution at your disposal, it pays to see a specialist in the field.

Call for a Quote

Should you need equipment prepared and painted, contact the blasting and paint specialist first about a free quote before you proceed. You can then determine what type of blasting service you need and what type of paint application is most appropriate for your needs.

For example, in some situations, customers opt for dustless blasting. This type of service enables you to have surfaces blasted without worry about a dusty residue. Great care is taken to blast surfaces so that any dust is captured during the activity. This is the ideal solution for companies that do not want this type of particulate littering their areas.

You just need to tell the blasting and painting company about your specific painting concerns. They can determine a solution that will fit your needs perfectly. If you are not sure of the terms, do not be afraid to ask. Experts in the field can give you all the information you need to make a good decision. By taking this approach, you can protect your equipment and do so at an affordable cost. You can find out more details by going online. Look at the offerings before making a call for a quote.