To get maximum benefits out of your air conditioning unit, it is important to know the right size of it. If you are buying an air conditioner for the first time, these tips would prove to be useful in knowing its right size.

How is the size of a central air conditioner measured?

One of the methods to measure the size of an AC is “tonnage.”  A “ton” is a unit that denotes the ability of an air conditioner to cool.  A central AC with 1-ton capacity shows that it is capable of cooling 12K BTU or British Thermal Unit in one hour. This value gets doubled for a 2-ton AC i.e., a 2-ton AC can cool 24K BTU in every hour.

What does BTU imply?

A BTU is a unit that determines the amount of energy needed to cool or heat 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. This means that your 1 ton AC can cool 12K pounds of water by 1 degree per hour.

How important is size for a central air conditioner?

In Sherbrooke, there are several reputed air conditioning companies.  When you go to buy an AC at Climatisation Manuflow à Sherbrooke, they will help you select the right size of an AC. To choose the right size of AC, you need to have a clear understanding of how size impacts the working of AC.

AC of too big in size

Such AC unit will turn on fast, cool entire house quickly and then shut off. After some time, it will again start cooling the house fast and turn off at regular intervals of time. This type of continuous on-off cycle defeats the aim of its energy saving design and increases the power bill.

AC of too small in size

Such AC will run continuously and spend most of the time to meet the ideal cooling requirements. As they work slowly, so the time required to cool the house will be very high. So, they will constantly run and increase your utility bill.

AC of right size

These rightly sized central AC units will run through the needed cycles to make your house comfortable without losing its efficiency.

The operational efficiency and cooling of an air conditioner are linked with its size. With these beneficial tips, you would have definitely learned the role of size in the performance of your central air conditioner and the ways to find its right size.