Are you redesigning your bathroom and trying to figure out which look would be best for you? Are you really getting stuck on the shower since it plays such a critical role in the overall style? Would you really love something a little more modern and clean, but don’t know how to get there? If so, then you might want to start considering adding a frameless shower screen to your bathroom today. Not only do they have a great look, but they come with many additional advantages that will have you falling in love with this option more and more. Here are some of the ways that you can benefit from a frameless shower today.

Opens Up Your Space

Particularly important if you have a smaller, more limited bathroom space, frameless shower screens will help keep your room open and free, making it automatically feel so much bigger and exciting almost instantly. When you’re dealing with tinier spaces, doing everything you can to trick the eye will be key to getting that stunning look that you’ve always wanted. By not having a bulky frame on your shower, the space will be able to flow much more naturally, perfect for a modern home.

Avoid Rust Damage

One of the most unappealing things that can happen to beautiful bathrooms is the eventual decay and rusting of the metal frames on the shower. No matter how diligent and obsessive you are with cleaning and maintenance, nothing can prevent the damage caused by the combination of water and metal. It’s a horrible look that leaves most homeowners incredibly frustrated, and is just one more reason why you should consider installing frameless shower screens in Perth. Not only will it keep your bathroom looking its best for longer than ever, but it will also be safer, as the structure will be designed to work without this frame, rather than losing it over time to rust.


When you had a framed shower structure in your bathroom before, you had to have things designed around the specifications of the shower, seeing as how the frame would have been pre-made and not something built to fit your bath. Frameless shower screens, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. You’ll have to have specialists enter your home and see exactly what you’re working with so that they can get you the best solution possible as quickly as they can.

Changing things up to create a more modern, sleek looking bathroom is the design style that’s quickly becoming the most popular choice among new homeowners. Frameless shower screens are a great way to start off that modern look and feel by taking away unnecessary metal and giving you a customisable option that can improve every aspect of your bathroom look. Find an installation pro today and get your bathroom looking like you’ve always wanted.