An unforeseen storm or a burst pipe can leave your home flooded. If the damage is extensive, you should be careful about using the area, especially the basement. The first step is to find a water damage restoration service that can handle the situation in a professional way. While there are several restoration companies North Vancouver, selecting one in an emergency can be tricky. We have listed down a few tips below that may come handy.

Check their response time

If a company takes more than one hour to reach your place, you don’t need to hire them. Damage caused by flooding and leaks can be minimized with prompt action, and you need a team that’s available when you need them the most. Also, check if they have a hotline number for quick assistance. Some companies operate 24/7, which is a big advantage, while others might offer quick turnup once you reach their office.

Find if they are licensed, insured and certified

There are a number of government and independent bodies that certify restoration services based on their expertise and experience. You need to check if the company holds such certifications. More than that, the company must be licensed and insurance. Water damage restoration is a risky job, and workplace accidents happen all the time. In case one of their workers is injured onsite, you will have to bear the expenses and medical bills if they don’t have workers’ compensation insurance. Also, the company must have general liability insurance to cover the damages caused to your home by their team, if any.

Get an estimate

Water damage restoration can be an expensive affair for homeowners, and it is always better to seek an estimate. When you call a company for flooded basement Vancouver, they will send their executives, who will check the condition of your home in detail. Based on the work to be done, they will give an estimate along with a list of exclusions and inclusions. You need to check everything has mentioned clearly, and if possible, ask a few questions about the terms and conditions of their services. In case you are not happy with the work done, the relevant terms can be used to settle the matter in an amicable manner.

Know their work better

If you are new to hiring such services, you need to know their approach to the job. What kind of tools and equipment do they use to clean up the water? Do they follow a few protocols for handling the entire work, especially with regards to electrical hazards? Do they have bonded and insured professionals? Are their workers trained for the job? As a customer, you may also want to know if the company handles other kinds of emergency, such as fire damage restoration or home renovation.

Check online now to know more about water damage restoration services, and before you hire them for the job, do ask for a few references. A company that has been in business for long will not shy away from sharing local client details.