When you are ready to replace the roof on your home, you may be considering many options. It can be easy to simply choose the same roof and be done with it. Yet, you can significantly improve the appearance of your home with a more luxurious choice. Slate roofing is becoming more popular for homeowners who want to add more value to their homes. Slate can easily make your house stand out. This can be helpful if are planning to sell the home soon. It may be more impressionable to prospective buyers. Many people chose slate, however, to simply show off their good taste. There are definitely a few benefits to using slate roofing.


When it comes to durability, there is no other choice to make. Slate is a naturally occurring stone and can stand up to weathering extremely well. Slate roofing has been estimated to hold up for over 100 years. Your roof may easily outlive you. They have been known to last longer than the buildings they are attached to, as well. Prepare to enjoy a roof that rarely needs repair and can hold up to inclement weather. Your home is more like a fortress when you install slate roofing.


The appearance of slate is the best part of the roofing options. Your neighbours are sure to compliment the new improvement. Many people use slate on the floors in their home. It has a unique texture that works well for both the interior and exterior of a home. The colours of slate vary since they are found in nature. This adds a more unique look to your roof. Slate roofing is considered luxury roofing and can easily make an old home look new again. Slate roof repairs are available if an area looks worn, but they are rarely necessary.

Environmentally Friendly

A slate roof does more than enhance the beauty of your home. There are some viable economic factors to consider. There are many VOCs that are emitted from other roofing options because they are not natural products. Since slate is a natural stone, there is nothing harmful introduced into the environment. This means that the material can be recycled well. This is a common thing to do since slate roofing often lasts longer than the building underneath. Look out for lower energy bills, as well. Slate is much denser than most roofing options and offers excellent insulating qualities.

Slate roofing is something that people stop and take notice of when they see it on a home. It is incredibly beautiful and gives a high class look to your home. Many people do not pay much attention to what a roof looks like; however, slate is something that most people find stands out. There is no other roofing material that can offer the same amount of durability, either. You are likely to never have to replace the roof again if you live in the home. The environmental benefits are also a great asset. You can enjoy lower energy bills, a lack of toxic emissions, and a recyclable item.