Many homeowners ignore the tell-a-tale signs of foundation damage. The foundation of your home needs to be checked every few years, even if you don’t have any signs of considerable damage. In this post, we will talk about a few things related to home foundation repair.

The signs

First things first, check if the doors and windows of your house is opening and closing as intended. You may also see horizontal cracks on the walls and floors, and there can be cracks along the line joining the floor and walls. In many homes, alignment of the walls may change, and you may find that the chimney of the house is unstable or is sinking on one side.

Get your home inspected

No matter whether you have pier and beam foundation or a regular concrete one, the overall checking should be done in a professional way. Find a few foundation repair contractors in your area. You can check online for listings or else, just seek references from friends and neighbors. Keep in mind that the inspection done by a foundation repair service is very different from what you might see visually. They will not only check the signs, but will find the causes and solutions that will address the immediate and long-term concerns.

Seek an estimate

The cost of foundation repair is not covered under insurance, and quite obviously, you must get an estimate in advance. The estimate should include the cost of everything, right from the structural elements that must be replaced to the actual repair work. Check if the company can offer a discount on bigger jobs. At times, the cost of foundation repair can cost thousands of dollars, and therefore, you might need additional help with financing.

Check the company

Even after getting a satisfactory estimate, you should do your homework about the concerned foundation repair service. Is the company experience? Will they offer references on request? Are they available to take up the job? Are they licensed and insured? Do they offer a warranty on the job? These are some of the common questions that you need to ask before taking the call.

Finally, be present when the work is being done. You need to know what the company is doing to repair the foundation, and if the solution will reduce your concerns and additional repairs for at least five to ten years to come.  Find your options now!