As parents grow old, you will find that they are not able to do many things that they used to do very well. All these signs will tell you that they need some special care at this age. The way people age may be different for different people. Some people are quite active and agile at the age of 80 while some may need help to do their personal work.

There is no hard and fast rule when you can find the sign that your parents really need any extra care. We are therefore providing few checklists which you need to watch in order to decide if your parents really need in home care services.

Few household signs that you may observe indicates that your parents need some help now

  • The house always remains messy
  • Proper care and maintenance is needed in the house
  • You can find plenty of stale and spoiled food in the fridge
  • There is hardly any grocery item available in the house and they are surviving on frozen food
  • The car has plenty of dents and dings

 In addition to the above you can also find few personal signs too which will indicate that there is a need for extra help.

  • Loss of weight
  • Personal hygiene is declining
  • Find difficulty to move freely or to get up from sitting position
  • No social interaction at all
  • Do not take any interest in their hobbies
  • Not paying their bills in timely manner and often pay late
  • Loss of memory and often forget important things
  • Never remembers to take medicine in time

If you find multiple signs that are listed above then it is time to act fast and try to answer the following questions so that you know what kind of care will be appropriate for them

  1. Whether your parent needs only during the day?
  2. Is there anyone available with them to provide help?
  3. Can they drive independently?
  4. What kind of care your parents need?
  5. Do they need any financial assistance?
  6. Do they need any healthcare assistance?

There is no single type of facility that can suite everyone. For every family or individual, there are separate need. In certain cases, there may be any family member or friends available to help or in certain cases there are community helps also available. You can either prefer to hire any private caregiver at home or send your parents to old home care.