If you have a chimney and fireplace at home, you should consider calling a chimney repair and maintenance service at least once every year. Chimneys are usually located on the top of the roof and are affected by many weather elements. Also, if the fireplace is not in regular use, birds and pests may make home in chimneys. Any issue with the normal functioning of the chimney can be major concern, because the gas produced by the fireplace are dangerous. While there are plenty of companies around, selecting a service to get your chimney repaired can be a complicated task. In this post, we have listed down the aspects that need your attention.

You need a professional service

Many homeowners believe that they can manage their chimney cleaning needs easily, but that’s a myth. In fact, you should never attempt to clean the chimneys like a DIY project. In case you end up damaging the entire system, and repairs may cost a lot more than what you would have paid for cleaning. Professional services have the necessary staff, resources, tools and equipment and can do the job better.

Check the basics

Is the company licensed? Don’t be surprised to come across scam services that are just making money by selling contractors to smaller companies. The most important thing you need to check is whether the company has required licenses and permissions to take up such jobs. Also, it is extremely essential that you select a company that has been certified by CSIA. In fact, a service that’s been verified by Chimney Safety Institute of America should be your first choice. However, do consider if they have an in-house team of experts. Sometimes, many companies have just one or two workers who are CSIA certified, while they handle numerous projects each day.

Talk about your concerns

A good chimney cleaning service will always do what it takes to please the customer. First and foremost, they will be quick with their response. When you call a company, expect them to schedule an appointment, which is free. Their experts will check the chimney, consider the need for cleaning and repairs and will take all the essential steps to calculate the estimate. The quote offered will be inclusive of all charges, and the company will also give you a contract with relevant terms and conditions, once you agree to the price.

Is the company insured?

Workers cleaning chimneys work on roofs, and quite understandably, this can be a serious and extremely dangerous job. If one of their workers ends up with a broken bone, you might be charged for negligence and may have to pay for the medical bills and other expenses. Always make sure that the company has workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance, so that you don’t have to deal with bills and liabilities later. Also, do check if the workers are on the payroll of the company, which can tell a lot about their experience.

Find a few services now, and don’t forget to get an estimate.